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What is the best time of year to Sell Your Property

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When is the best time to sell your property?

Knowing the best time of the year to sell your property can be tricky. One has to know for sure what it is people look for when they are buying a house or investment property.

Traditional Month

Spring is traditionally the month in Australia when many people are more likely to buy property. This has a lot to do with the fact that around this time, the weather is a little cooler and people are also feeling the renewal of spring. As such, one should prepare your property to be sold when the spring season approaches.

Sales agents would be very helpful in this respect. The reason is that sometimes spring does not automatically lead to high property sales. It is, as we have observed, a traditional thing. There are other factors outside the month that will come into play. These are as follows:

Condition of your property

How good is your property? If it is not in good condition, it does not matter which month we are referring to: you might not post good sales. To gain a better price you may need to renovate or upgrade some features in your property.

The area

This is an important factor to consider. Buyers will prefer certain areas over others. Preference for suburbs or beach fronts may override the month when you are intending to sell.


People are influenced by certain events in the choice for an area to buy. For instance, buyers would be wary of certain areas where some events occurring in that season lead to noise. Your suburb could easily be converted into a car park, whilst you are used to tranquillity.

Quiet periods

One is advised to advertise their property during the traditional perceived quiet months of the year. The mid of January, running all the way to February are the best for you to sell your house. Many property sellers are at this time on holiday and start thinking about the year ahead. This would mean that there would not be many properties on sale too. Potential buyers will not be spoilt for choice and this would mean that they will have no option but come to you.

To get ready for sale, air your property by removing any visible moulds on ceiling and windows. The lawns and the gardens should be in pristine condition if you want to make a sale. In warmer months, most people prefer staying outdoors. They will thus be attracted to clean pavements, coated decks and beautiful lawns.

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