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The Current State of The Brisbane Property Market

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The Current State of The Brisbane Property Market

If you ask the experts, a resounding majority of them are going to tell you that this is a great time to live in Brisbane. It was recently referred to as the most stable city in Australia. When you take a look at some of the data, you are likely to agree. If you are considering the potential of an investment property in this extraordinary region, you aren’t alone. A growing number of individuals are looking at everything going on in this area right now. They are seeing the possibilities. You will, too.

This is an amazing time to own a home in Brisbane.

Brisbane Property Market 2016

The average house prices for Brisbane have grown once more for the fourteenth quarter in a row. This is just one element to the larger picture of what is going on with this city right now. There is no question that the area is undergoing some pretty extraordinary things right now. The city is experiencing a surge of development. For some, it has become the most popular and vital city on the continent.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland states that average house prices last December hit $632,000. This is up six percent from twelve months prior. For someone who is truly interested in the potential of investment property in Brisbane, this is something to keep in mind.

Over the course of the past five years, house prices for the area have risen by 14.2 percent. Large family homes that can offer plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms, and a spacious backyard have become hotly desired throughout the area. Some sellers have been lucky enough to get more than the average price for their houses.

Steady growth is giving buyers and homeowners alike a good deal of confidence. The fear of buying and selling that you can find in Sydney or Melbourne does not seem to exist here. Furthermore, although the prices continue to climb steadily, the Brisbane area remains reasonably affordable to most. This in terms of not only the real estate possibilities, but in terms of the cost of living as a whole. New units and apartments are appearing all over the place. Major projects are ongoing, or are going to be announced in the near future. The Queen Wharf project is a good example of this development.

For those who are interested in the potential of an investment property in this area, now is the time to move forward. Call us on 1300 662 768 for a free consultation.

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