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Hot Property Prices in Brisbane

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Why You Should Be Interested in Brisbane Properties

There are only two reasons why you may be interested in buying a property in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia for that matter. The more common reason is ownership. Everyone wants to have their own home. The second reason is investment. This usually applies to those who already own a home and want to divest their investments or they are into the investment property market. Whether you wish to purchase a property in Brisbane and hold onto it or you wish to flip it for a profit, both would qualify as an investment and not purchasing to own and live there.

The investment property market in Brisbane is much better than that of Sydney and Melbourne. There are numerous little details that can be used to drive home the point but two will suffice.

Affordability and yield are the two reasons why you should consider an investment property in Brisbane.

It is no secret that Sydney and Melbourne are a lot more expensive than Brisbane. It is not just investment properties but units, townhouses and suburban homes. Whether you are buying a detached property for yourself or you want to invest in semidetached properties as an investment, you would pay anywhere from 20% to more than 40% higher in Sydney and Melbourne for a similar property as compared to in Brisbane.

No matter how expansive your investment portfolio is, every investor wants to make a reasonable investment for a higher return. That is where the yield becomes significant. Sydney and Melbourne have become so expensive including the skyrocketing cost of living the market appreciation too has slowed down to almost a standstill. You would be able to gain a 5% appreciation in five or seven years but that doesn’t really offer much of a return on your investment. An investment property in Brisbane would easily give you double digit returns in less than three years. If you hold onto it longer, than the yield can be more than 20%.

Invest Now for Future Returns

An investment is always contextual and driven by the present circumstances with an eye for the potential returns in the future. The current circumstances, including prices and emerging neighbourhoods in and around the cities, do not favour Sydney or Melbourne. The anticipated returns are at best negligible in Sydney and Melbourne owing to stagnation of the economy and the high prices. The real estate markets in Sydney and Melbourne are not going to encounter any significant upswing. Brisbane on the other hand is on an upswing. Boarding the elevator as it goes up is a wiser move.

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